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The Cormorant Club

The Cormorant Club was founded in 1947 by the members of the first Joint Services Staff College (JSSC) course, to maintain contact between those officers who had passed through the College, including US and Commonwealth officers.

When the JSSC closed, the Cormorant Club continued as the alumni association of those who had attended the National Defence College (NDC) and the Joint Services Defence College (JSDC). In the same way, graduates and staff of the Joint Services Command and Staff College (JSCSC) are now eligible to apply for Club membership.

When JSCSC was formed on 1 January 1997, the Club had 2700 members. The Cormorant Club has traditionally been an important means of nurturing and developing a sense of joint co-operation and identity which has had benefits for defence output, quite apart from its social purpose. Given the significantly greater emphasis on joint training and operations in recent years, exemplified initially by the creation of PJHQ and the JSCSC itself and subsequently by a number of initiatives in the SDR, it was proper to continue with an organisation which, although ostensibly social in character, had the potential to act as a continuing spur to effective and harmonious joint co-operation which JSCSC aims to inculcate in a way that would potentially have long term benefits for defence output.

The Club also produces an annual magazine 'The Cormorant', which is distributed free to members and is funded by their membership contributions. 'The Cormorant' has always been a most effective mechanism for keeping members in touch with each other and in keeping them abreast of developments within the College.

The Club also holds an annual reunion dinner, to which all Cormorants are warmly invited and details of which will appear on the website.