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Accounting Fundamentals - Accounting Fundamentals
(18 Jul 17 - 18 Jul 17)



This course is aim at participants new to MOD finance or to non finance staff either managing finance staff and/or holding financial delegation and want an appreciation of MOD finance processes and systems available. These fundamentals will provide staff with the building blocks of finance and provide the necessary behaviours and self-confidence, to progress further in the finance function.


This course is a foundation level course, ideal for those new to the Funding and Financial aspects of Government and Defence working.


You will learn/develop:      

- Parliamentary Funding and the Treasury Control Framework.
- Explain how CDEL/RDEL relate to Statement of Financial Position (SoFP)/Statement of Comprehensive Net Expenditure (SoCNE).
- Describe a range of financial concepts and processes and their effect on accounting with the Department - inc VAT, Foreign Exchange (For Ex), fuels, control accounts, debt management.
- Explain the principles of double entry bookkeeping/ledger accounting and how they link into the MoD accounts.

Business Benefits

This course forms the start of a career pathway in finance.  Completion of this course will enable delegates to be able to attempt the Finance Skills Certificate Foundation course which is a pre-requisite of holding a letter of delegation.
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This course is suitable for Military Personnel, MOD Civil Servants and Industry staff working with the MOD.
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