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This is the only course of this kind run in the UK. The course provides background technical knowledge to support staff in a wide range of CBRN appointments.
The HPNERC is designed to provide education and training to Health Physics personnel who are required to act in a support role in the event of a defence nuclear accident
To provide senior RN officers who may be required to act in response to a defence nuclear accident, particularly in the role of Military Coordinating Authority (MCA)
The NAC is designed for RN MESM Officers (post AMEO), prospective MoD NSQEP civilians and civilian contractors associated with the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programme 
To provide chemists with a sound understanding of the procedures to be adopted in the event of a nuclear accident.
The aim of the NAPC is to provide an understanding of the procedures to be adopted in the event of a nuclear accident
The aim of the Nuclear Instrumentation Calibration Course is firstly to train persons to become calibration technicians 
The aim of the NIC is to introduce MOD and other personnel working in support of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programme (NNPP)
To prepare students entering onto Nuclear Department by teaching underpinning mathematics and physics.
To provide students with pre-requisite knowledge in mathematics and general engineering as preparation for joining the Nuclear Reactor Course (ND802).
To provide education and training in radiological protection to meet the requirements of the Health Physicist in the MOD or defence contractor organisations working in support of the NNPP. 
The NRC is designed to provide postgraduate level education and training to naval officers and their civilian counterparts, in nuclear reactor technology and nuclear propulsion engineering.
To provide students with an opportunity to learn and practice the tools and techniques involved in Safety Case authoring and assessment.
The aim of NSSJC is to provide delegates with the knowledge and understanding of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programme (NNPP) and Nuclear Weapon Programme (NWP)  processes
This course is delivered by the Nuclear Division. 
To provide personnel with a robust understanding of the principles underlying the Naval Nuclear Reactor Plant (NNRP) and shore support facilities
This course is to enable emergency responders to an incident or accident involving the transportation of military nuclear material..

This course is delivered by the Nuclear Division. 

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